Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jessica Simpson Thinks Her DRESS Made Her Bad?!?

News flash honey. You weren't good to begin with.

If you're a performer, you know that occasionally things go awry and you can't always control that. Props go goofy, costume malfunctions happen. Hell, I've had a bra go on me when I was onstage once!! You just smile on through and try not to let the audience see you squirm. If you're a good performer, the audience won't ever know something's wrong.

But here's the difference. Jessica & her younger, gastro-intestinally challenged sister Ashlee just aren't good.

Wouldn't life be simpler for us all though, if we were blonde and stacked.

Here's the NY Post Page Six Gossip Column on the wardrobe malfunction that Jessica had doing a tribute to another busty (yet extremely talented) blonde, Dolly Parton. Oh and for really good celeb gossip, check out

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Stranger said...

Those Simpson girls be fucked up! I can't stand them. But, I am happy, cause I believe that if there is one law that works, it is gravity, and in 10 years those "stacked" gals will be tuckin their boobs into their belts. HAHAHHAHAHA!