Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Responsibilities of a Blogger

For a couple of days now, I have been trying to think of something witty to post on this blog. I have tried to write and been sorely disappointed. This leads me to believe that I may not actually be witty, creative, charming, any of the things that I have deluded myself into believing I am. Before I started, I had lots of interesting things to say. Or did I? Realistically, any idiot can have a blog. I'm sure George W. Bush has one.

Maybe I should just aim to be better than him, what do you think?


Stranger said...

I agree with your comment that every idiot can have a blog..I'm here aren't I? But I think thats wats great about them..suddenly the discusion of life and day to day events is no longer a professional journalists domain. You have your say, and theres the freedom of spewing out whatever is on your mind. The way I see it...every person has a story. And every one is their own worst critic. So don't worry about it sounding terrible...chances are..you're the only one who has that opinion. I think your blog is just fine. And hopefully, I can look forward to more posts from you. Haven't seen you in forever...so its nice that you've joined the Blogger family. Cheers!

mike said...

The Phantom Stranger is your friend?
Cool. Also, you are very clever in real life. Consider our conversation the evening of yesterday last wherein you got answer after answer on Jeopardy and then we snogged and moved to the bedroom where your cleverness was amply demonstrated throughout... oops, I've said too much.