Friday, November 24, 2006

Damn the Blog!

Can anyone help me actually put my links in the sidebar? I have tried their way of doing it and have tried republishing and it still doesn't take. HELP ME!!! I am trapped in the Blog!!!!


J D Coulter said...

Far as I know, if you go to your dashboard and view your own blog, it should show the 'Links' section with a pair of crossed hand tools in the bottom corner, click on that. You should be able to add links to it, and even change the name of the section. You should also head to the settings portion of the blog and go to the area for comments and enable the letter verification feature. This will prevent spam from being entered into your blog comments.


Joy said...

Have you been able to figure this out yet?? There is a place in your "template" that will let you cut and past links...
Love you.