Monday, February 26, 2007

Watching the Oscars

Last night I watched the Oscars. Doing this only affirmed for me that I don't enjoy watching the Oscars. Now, I must qualify this if I'm going to say it. There are 7 categories that I want to see. I'm pretty sure that they are the same 7 categories that everyone wants to see. I think it's wonderful that they give technical awards and I believe that the people who receive them are wholly deserving. However, I don't give a crap about the art design or costume design, but the people who do these things are amazing, I won't ever say otherwise. The slobs who are watching from home (myself included) only care about the famous people. I may be cynical and terrible and shallow, but I want to see the really famous people, the songs and the host. I want them to be witty and charming and subtley mock their famous friends, but in the time frame of 60 - 90 minutes.

Maybe I only say this because I'm jealous. I've never been on an award show. I haven't received any recognition for being the creme de la creme in my field. I think that all of the technical achievements though, screenwriting and cg effects and all, should be presented at the separate technical awards night. I think I would be more gratified being recognized by my peers than being recognized by millions of people who won't remember my name, face, design, whatever tomorrow.

The timeframe is really too long as well. I have better things to be doing than spending almost 4 hours listening to speeches that thank all kinds of people that aren't there. If I do ever win an Oscar (hahaha!), when I get up to the podium, I'm going to thank myself. That may sound arrogant, but realistically, I'm the one who's done all of the work to get me where I am. Sure I had support, but I'm the one who drove all over hell's half acre, spent hours rehearsing, and more hours learning all of the nuances that made my performance stand out. And all the time learning the techniques to recognize the nuances. Yup, it's all me baby! Oh and definitely not thanking gob, or jebus, or anyone. They weren't the ones running themselves ragged while I performed in back to back shows, while taking a full class load and directing my own projects. No sirree bob! Jebus wasn't pulling all nighters with me.

So, that's my award show rant. Tell me how you feel about them.

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