Wednesday, January 17, 2007

David Copperfield ROCKS!!!

Wow, what a blast!! Did anyone else watch his specials whenever they were on TV? Mike and I went to his live show last night and Oh my God! He is just as awesome in person. I couldn't believe how happy it made me to see him live finally. He was here about 4 years ago and he passed out in the performance before the one I was supposed to see, so it was cancelled. I promised myself that I would go see him if he ever came back. And he did. And I did!

What amazes me is how great it is just to see someone do something as simple as a card trick. Picking out just the right card. I think I love magic so much because it's a puzzle I can't figure out. I like mysteries and trying to solve them first. Magic is the one puzzle I haven't ever been able to figure out. I had a friend that used to do card tricks in university. He showed us how he did one of his tricks. He used to pull cards out of thin air. Even after he showed us the secret, I was still fascinated every time he did it.

And last night, even though I'd seen him do the trick before, I got a little teary when he vanished with an audience member to Australia and reunited her with her father. I don't know why I was so overcome with emotion, but he was fantastic. Maybe I'm just sentimental. Maybe I like a happy ending. Maybe it was just such a great reminder of my childhood.

I'm so seeing his show again. Maybe he'll be in Vegas later this year...


Joy said...

That's so cool!! Have you seen the movies "The Illusionist" and "The Prestige" ???

I think you'd really like them if you haven't...

So glad things are well for you - was beginning to wonder what happened to you. :)

Have you been planning your wedding at all or are you saving that for later in the year?

What else is up with you? How's the new job treating you?


Rajiv Narula said...

My wife and I saw his show in Boston 5 yrs ago.
We had tickets in the first row:)
It was about $150 a piece and worth it !!!

And yes- he is amazing.

He hasn't been in Boston ever since and when he comes- we will be there.