Saturday, August 22, 2009

Schaudenfraude Fun!

So, you ask, what has Trish been up to for the past 8 months? The answer: very little. But I have been surfing the internet. A lot. I don't work nearly as hard as many people in my office. I probably should, but I'm a known procrastinator and slacker.

I believe in schaudenfraude, that seeing something bad happen to someone else makes you feel better about your life. Not that my life is bad by any means, but I sure like to laugh at stupid people too.

Any of you cat lovers out there will know this site. This is the home of the LOLcat, LOLdogs, ROFLrazzi, Pundit Kitchen, the ever popular Fail Blog (another one that I love) and Engrish Funny. I would highly recommend that you check these out and have a good laugh at someone else's stupidity and really really cute kitty cats!

This lovely little site touts itself as 'News fails, because journalism isn't dying fast enough'. I feel that the failure we see in modern journalism is due in large part to the fact that our society is now full of functionally illiterate adults being churned out of Universities (as a friend commented who teaches at the college/university level, she teaches students in their 3rd year who cannot read).

A photo journal of the heart attacks we're all waiting to have. The concoction photos range from the very-tasty-man-I'd-try-that to the Oh-My-God-what-kind-of-dare-do-you-have-to-lose-to-eat-that. Many battered deep fried treats, covered in either meat or cheese, which also happen to be 2 of my favourite foods.

The tag line here is 'FREE is a four letter word'. If like to laugh at witty commentary on what people post on Craigslist, this is THE site for you. Come for the items, stay for the dialogue.

Crazy = funny. Enough said. A particular favourite, the Thanksgiving list.

These sites make a great conversation piece, or give you something that is reasonably safe to read at work. Really, I believe in schaudenfraude, and these sites make it easier to feel good about your life.

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